Tutorial on how to install Slack or Microsoft Teams Live Chat to your WordPress website

published on 30 September 2022


42.9% of the world’s websites are built with WordPress according to w3techs.com. If we look at websites that are created with CMSs, that number is even higher: 65.3% of websites built with an identifiable content management system, are currently using WordPress!


Roughly half of the world websites are using WordPress. It is undeniable and would be foolish to ignore WordPress when it comes to any website plugin development.

SignalZen is not an exception and, yes, we have support for WordPress that allows WordPress website owners to integrate with SignalZen by not using any code editor or something else too tricky. You can also check our other CMS integrations that we have.

This tutorial consists of a few steps that will allow your WordPress website to integrate with SignalZen and push Live Chat sessions to Slack or Microsoft Teams for further developments.

Let's begin!

WordPress integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams
WordPress integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Step #1

Sign up at SignalZen to create your profile and website configuration record at SignalZen.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 19.11.29-0pf02

Step #2

After signing up, you will get into the Console where you can perform configuration and use the Integration Wizard for adding the SignalZen Live Chat widget to your website. You will need to choose the WordPress type of integration. Please click the button "Start" just below the WordPress logo.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 19.17.39-8afk9

Step #3

The 3rd step is where the SignalZen WordPress plugin comes into play. As the instructions state, please install the plugin on your WordPress website.

Once you open up the SignalZen WordPress plugin configuration page on your website administration panel, you will see only one field needs to be configured. The field is called "Public Token". Please enter the value you see in the Console Integration Wizard step to the field on the WordPress administration panel.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 19.30.28-ehifz

The "Public Token" is a reference that will be used to identify your Live Chat widget configuration and inbox on SignalZen.

The "Public Token" value and the "Next" button

Once done with that, please click the button "Next".

Step #4

SignalZen Live Chat widget should be visible now on your website! Congrats!

However, we still need to complete another big part of the integration Wizard. It's about the integration with your team's internal communication platform - Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Choose the platform you want to integrate with or skip this part of the setup for using SignalZen directly just from Console and the mobile apps.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 19.37.20-lsblw

Step #5

If you choose Slack, the Integration Wizard will ask you to select the Slack integration type (Still or Noisy), permissions on Slack through our created Slack App, and which channel should be the main for the notifications about new chat sessions.

If you choose Microsoft Teams, the Wizard will ask for permissions from your Microsoft Teams workspace, admin consent, and which Team should be selected for the notifications about new chat sessions.

Don't forget that to reveal each of these sub-steps, you will need to click the "Next" buttons.

Step #6

Once you complete integration step #5, you will see the summary of your integration as in the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 19.49.27-f57ot

Final word

These basic 6 steps with a couple of sub-steps open up the opportunity to have the so-called Slack Live Chat or Microsoft Teams Live Chat widget on your website. This is a strong value for many reasons that you can also read about here and here.

Also, WordPress in all these steps takes just a single step because we have a plugin for that and it's most of the time self explaining.

Even without reading this article, you can have WordPress Slack Live Chat or WordPress Microsoft Teams Live Chat in minutes by following the Integration Wizard that you get just after signing up. Good luck!

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