Affiliate program for those who care

Spread the word about SignalZen, its mission, and its advantages. Help your community or audience to benefit from SignalZen and get rewarded.

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Great value product and reward

SignalZen is a powerful Customer Support product that you can trust.

  • 20% reward

    Get 20% from each subscription price. Stable payouts each month or year per subscriber.

  • 100% support

    The SignalZen team is ready to facilitate the onboarding of your leads.

  • 100% stable

    We have less than a 4% churn rate which means that existing clients love us. Make your reward stable.

How It Works

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    Sign up to the affiliate program

    Easy setup by our partners Rewardful on their page. Creating an account on their page will allow for you to get your affiliate link and set up payouts through PayPal.

    Sign up to the affiliate program form
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    Find your referral link

    Your referral link you will find on the Dashboard of your account within Rewardful.

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    Talk to your audience

    It doesn't matter if you're a blogger, social networks shark, or local community member. If you can reach out to people around you and they eventually subscribe to a SignalZen plan, you will get 20% from their subscription amount each month.

    Share your referral link so that we could track your customers.

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    Collect your reward!

    Get paid monthly to PayPal for each subscription continuously.

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F.A.Q about the Affiliate program

Learn more about the program by checking this F.A.Q