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  • What is SignalZen?

    We are a Customer Support software as service provider that focuses on working with clients who want to provide Customer Support by using Slack and Microsoft Teams. We provide websites with a Live Chat widget and mailbox. All the traffic that goes through these channels is forwarded to your Slack or MS Teams workspace so that your team could work with them directly from Slack or MS Teams.

  • Webmaster or site owner is reachable by email or phone. Why do you offer this extra burden?

    That’s totally right, but not all customers are eager to call. Moreover, not all website visitors are willing to call you from abroad. It’s worth mentioning, that email is also a good medium. But customers need to wait. Live chat eradicates these limits. In a live chat, customers are able to chat with a site owner immediately. Business is customer-oriented. Retention is based on service. According to Kayako Survey, 79% of businesses say offering Live Chat has had a positive effect on Sales, Revenue, and Customer Loyalty.

  • I have an HTML business website, a Drupal personal website, a WordPress blog and 2 Woocommerce stores. Is it possible to add live chat on all websites?

    Yes, we made it possible. You can add live chat in all the above 5 websites, by yourself.

  • Shall I add further websites in the future?

    You can add Unlimited websites at any time.

  • How to add a person as operator?

    Go to Console's page Operators -> Invitations and create an invitation. Give the invitation link to follow for the person who should become the operator. Everything else will be handled by the operator. If you use Slack integration, everyone who will participate in replying to live chats will be added as an operator automatically.

  • What is Microsoft Teams integration?

    MS Teams is a cloud-based instant messaging platform just like Slack. You can install this app on your mobile, and integrate it with SignalZen. After the integration, you and your teammates can start chatting with website visitors directly through the MS Teams.

  • What is White-Labelled translation?

    There is a provision in our system, to make it to your language. You can translate each text of the chat widget, and make it in your own way. The setup is easy and takes a little amount of time for each language you want to add.

  • How do I know if someone visits my website for chat?

    Messages will be displayed in your SignalZen Console like if you get an email on Gmail. Then you can chat. Also, with Slack integration you can receive notifications there.

  • Most visitors are in need of clearing doubts for the same thing. Can I able to ease this thing?

    Sure. We have introduced the Help Center. In this help center, you can build your own FAQ. A visitor sees this first and may read. Then he/she can message you if needed. Much time-saving for you.

  • What is your pricing?

    Before you subscribe to any of our plans, we offer free 1 month trial period. We have 3 step pricing. Each plan is different depending on your desired subdomains, operator amount, and features that you want to use.

  • What is live chat?

    Live chat is a medium to contact a webmaster or site owner. Widely called live chat, live support, chat support, Web chat, etc. It facilitates communication between website visitors and operators that usually belong to the website owner.

  • I am not a technical person. To add live chat on my website, do I need to hire a developer?

    Not needed. Our Console offers and explains simple website integration for HTML, WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, and Drupal websites. Just follow the instructions. Easy-peasy!

  • So, you need me to open 5 accounts at SignalZen?

    No. Sign up and open your account one time. In your dashboard, you can add multiple websites and integrate them.

  • How it is possible to manage chat with visitors of 5 websites at a time?

    You can add your people as operators and assign websites to manage for them.

  • What is Slack Integration?

    Slack is a cloud-based instant messaging platform. You can install this app on your mobile, and integrate it with SignalZen. When a visitor is trying to chat with you, your mobile Slack will alert you. Then you can chat with your site visitors from Slack.

  • Does SignalZen Live Chat need proficiency in English?

    You need some English in order to use the service, but the system is very intuitive and easy to use, so English shouldn’t be a barrier. For your end-users (website visitors) you can translate the chatbox, and email communications into any language and provide totally White-Labelled experience. You can also add multiple languages and target multiple markets.

  • How many languages are you supporting?

    Since you translate the chat box yourself, all languages are supported.

  • What if I logged out?

    You will get mail with chat messages if you choose so. Also, simultaneously you will be alerted by mobile Slack/MS Teams or our mobile app. It's easy to spot all the notifications and answer.

  • How our developers utilize your tools?

    We offer JavaScript library and RESTful API. Your developer can personalize and integrate deeper into your websites.

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