Microsoft Teams Live Chat

The MS Teams live chat setup takes less than 5 minutes. Easily integrate with your Microsoft Teams workspace and use MS Teams for Customer Support.

Use powerful integration wizards to understand each step you need to do.

Add multiple live chat widgets. Use powerful platform features, and enjoy unlimited live chat agent space.

Microsoft teams live chat integration

Email integration for unifying Customer support queries

Emails from your Customer Support mailbox reach your Microsoft Teams workspace. Just like from the Live Chat widget.

Transform your casual Customer support channels into a single stream. Use Microsoft Teams for Customer Support without the need to interact with different platforms.

Microsoft Teams mailbox integration

Copilot (AI chatbot)

Customer support can continue even if your agents are offline. Offer continued customer service for your visitors. Scan your website knowledge base and enable our Copilot chatbot. Let automated workflows do the rest.

AI chatbot (ChatGPT)

Premium support with complete customer care solution

SignalZen is ready to help you out on any questions you find. Integration process or the configuration of your live chat and/or email mailbox. We guarantee a complete customer care solution.

Premium support for Microsoft Teams integration
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Microsoft Teams is a leader in its software category but doesn't cover some of the use cases that are very useful for businesses that want to optimize workflows. SignalZen offers an easy-to-use extension for Microsoft Teams that enables uniting internal and external communication in a single platform.

Founder of SignalZen

Kristijonas Urbaitis

CEO @ SignalZen

Live Chat with website visitors features directly from Microsoft Teams

Powerful and secure Live Chat widget that integrates with Microsoft Teams

  • New chat session notification

    Get notifications in your chosen Team about incoming real-time conversations. Conversations can come from your website or Customer support mailbox. Your team members can answer directly from Microsoft Teams.

  • Teammates can join automatically

    Invite your teammates to your desired Customer Support Team. We create their profiles and avatars at SignalZen automatically just after the first interaction. Communicate and collaborate before answering chats on the same channel where you receive notifications.

  • Use Powerful MS Teams interactivity

    Adaptive cards supported by our Microsoft Teams app add interactivity for controlling Live Chats flow. Use interactive buttons and modals to speed up your work with your prospects.

  • Change widget visibility and online status

    Are you departing from the office for a weekend break or holiday? You can turn off the widget by using an MS Teams command. In addition, leverage widget online status (offline and online) force options.

  • Audit chats by closing or opening

    Keeping discipline in closing your chats gives benefits. Measuring customer service levels is a mandatory feature. Once you close a chat, your visitor or email sender receives a request to rate your service. Configure user experience for the rating screens yourself. 

  • Auto reminders

    Get reminder notifications about conversations that need attention directly to Microsoft Teams channel. Closing conversations will trigger reminders once your visitors re-open them.

  • Hide Customer support work in private teams

    Keep your chats and notifications channel isolated from the rest of the team. Use private Teams for integration for receiving conversations. Assign colleagues to chats using the interactive Assign button.

  • Route your chats across different teams

    Do you have departments in your business? Target your conversations across multiple Teams. We have configuration options that allow you to do that. Your prerequisite Live Chat form will help to target the right Microsoft Teams channel.

  • See all information about your website visitors

    All your website visitors have some data that will appear in MS Teams (location, timezone, ID, etc.) You can expand the dataset by using Prerequisites Form Builder. Sending additional data is available via JavaScript API.

  • Use Saved replies

    Are you tired of using the same replies for multiple chats? Saved Replies configured on the Console and integrated with Teams enable you to use message shortcuts. Use them directly with an MS Teams command.

  • Microsoft Teams commands

    Leverage SignalZen bot command line interface from Microsoft Teams. Omit the UI for working with your prospects or clients.

  • Use Console for audit and chat history

    Keeping all the history of your chats and data on Microsoft Teams might be challenging. For that, we have the Console that helps auditing chats when you need to do that. The Console also allows you to configure your Customer Support experience. Evaluate other relevant data like metrics, and create data exports.

Have a look

These screenshots illustrate some of the capabilities that Microsoft Teams live chat and email integrations have

  • New chat session notification
  • See full information about a chat from your website directly from ms teams
  • Assign your teammates to conversations with your customers
  • Microsoft teams commands

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