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Powerful Live Chat widget

Solve support tickets before they become tickets with our live chat widget. 

Customize your widget your way to reflect your company branding.

Live chat widget

Consistency with your website design

Keep the customer experience in brand alignment.

9 widget icon variations are provided. Pick your brand color and get started quickly.

9 variations of Live Chat icon

Answer your emails from Slack or MS Teams

Our fully integrated system means you can respond to support emails from MS Teams, Slack, or your SignalZen account.

Helpdesk integration

Use advanced Slack integration

Respond, assign to team members, use templates, and use AI assistance with record speed inside Slack and MS Teams.

Slack integration

Use powerful MS Teams integration

Talk to your website visitors directly from Microsoft Teams. Use interactive buttons, modals, and all other integrational features for quick and easy work with your website visitors directly from MS Teams.

Microsoft teams integration

Audit, chat and configure your live chat experience

Review every chat effortlessly and gain insights into what your customers are asking. Also, who knows... Slack might go down. And you'll still be able to respond to customers who want to buy.

SignalZen Console

Respond to Customer from Mobile

Out of office is not a problem. With the SignalZen app you can respond anytime anywhere.

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Reply even faster with the AI Copilot

Support team taking a nap? No problem, AI will review your site and help respond to requests.


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