Audit, measure and configure

The Console is your back office for managing and configuring your Customer Support station.

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Integration wizards

Use Console for integrating with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Live Chat, Email, and other tools that we have in place.

We make it simple by having wizard flows prepared for you.

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Customer Support should be an easy and simple process. Make it happen with us.

Statistics dashboard

Monitor your Customer Support performance with key metrics. Improve and repeat. 

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Improvement is impossible without knowing where to start. Let the statistics of Customer Support KPIs help you.

Chat straight from Console

Having Slack or Microsoft Teams for chatting with your leads or customers is a great deal. On top of that, you can chat through the Console too.

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Choose your own comfortable way of chatting with your customers. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Console, or Mobile apps.


View, search, and export your accumulated contacts. By downloading a CSV exported file, access other platforms within your communications toolset.

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SignalZen is an integral part of your communication tools infrastructure. Zapier or CSV export are available without limitations.


Configure general or Live Chat widget settings with a simple UI. Decide how your Customer Support station should work.

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Customization is the key to proper integration with your team's requirements. We support that for the vast majority of cases.

The most important things to know

SignalZen was designed according to the growing needs of our clients. There are no features that are useless.

The Console is the back office of your Customer Support station. There are a lot of features that help to configure each element and flow of your Customer Support process.

We're constantly working on our roadmap to improve it even more. Each of your needs or ideas can go live, so try us out and let us know your feedback!