Slack plus Signal Zen

Slack integration


At Signal Zen we want to make the process of talking to your website's visitors as easy as possible even if it means to omit our original UI from the process.

This means that you can add a secondary channel to talk to your customers - Slack.

By following really easy setup wizard for integration with Slack on our portal while logged in, you can establish secure connection with Slack and talk to your customers without interaction with our default way of doing this in the administration portal.

The setup

There are several steps to complete before you can start getting and managing chat traffic from your website in Slack.

  • Sign up to Signal Zen.
  • Add the code snippet into your website which will start showing chat icon on your website (Integration section on the left side menu).
  • Follow the wizard of Slack integration in Connect to Slack section on the left side menu.

Once you are done, you can send a test message from the final step of the wizard or create a new chat session in incognito mode on your website to test your setup.


After you complete the setup part of the integration, you will start receiving chat sessions into your desired channel of Slack, chosen by you during the wizard.

We support 2 types of integrations:

  • Still - to send an answer to your customer, you will need to post the answer in the thread which will be created by our Slack bot.
  • Noisy - to send an answer to your customer, you will need to post the answer in the channel which will be created by our Slack bot.

You will choose the integration type during the Connect to Slack wizard.

The Slack integration does not limit the usage of our main UI in the portal, so you can use both of the ways to talk with your visitors.


As usual, we provide support by the live chat messenger button on bottom right of the screen. If you prefer email, you can email us at

Also, if you have completed the Slack integration wizard, you can type in the channel, where bot is invited, a command: "@SignalZen help" or write a direct message with text "help" to the bot. The help command sent to bot will confirm your setup details and give some useful links.