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Wide range of features that help your website visitors to enjoy an easy and smooth Live Chat experience.

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Perfect Customer Service from Live Chat widget on your website

Fully customizable colors, chat buttons, text, translations, and positioning on your website chat box with a chat icon.

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Live Chat software that your team members will love

Add Live chat widget to your web page. The simplicity that your live chat support agents will love. Install by using HTML/JavaScript, WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal plugins.

Your potential customers want to use a simple live chat tool. Your customer service team wants an easy-to-use and simple tool to communicate with customers. If this bottom line sounds like your use case, SignalZen is here for you.

Live chat widget

Toolkit for maintaining your live chat widget conversations

Add Slack or Microsoft Teams integration. Your chat agents will communicate with existing customers or potential customers directly from Slack or Microsoft Teams. If you don't like that, use SignalZen Console or our native mobile apps (iOS & Android).

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Work with your customer database

The chat window for conversations is just the beginning. Use the prerequisites form feature to collect customers' phone numbers, email addresses, names, etc.

Easily export this data to CSV and use it for email marketing, social network reach out, or other interactions.

Alternatively, use the API for more options.

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Live Chat widget features in detail

See what you get out of the box

  • Widget customization
    Widget customization

    Override default widget Colors, Chat widget Icon, Positioning, and even more! You can do that directly from the Console by using a simple UI. More advanced options you can find in our Docs.

  • Help center
    Help center

    Build your knowledge base UI. Make it visible to your visitors before starting a live chat. Save time for your visitors if they have basic questions.

  • Prerequisites Form Builder
    Prerequisites Form Builder

    Build your form that visitors see before they enter the conversation screen. Use form data for routing to appropriate Slack or Microsoft Teams channels. See all needed data prior to the chat start.

  • Multilingual
    Multilingual widget

    Translate all live chat widgets to any language you want your visitors to see. Target language by visitor browser settings or by forcing via JS code.

  • Auto Invitations
    Auto Invitations

    Define how and when you want to invite website visitors to a chat session. Make them aware that you are ready to help.

  • Saved Replies
    Saved Replies

    Answer your visitor questions faster with pre-defined and reusable messages. Use this feature via Slack, Microsoft Teams, mobile, or Console.

  • Rating requests
    Rating requests

    Enable your visitors to give feedback in a range of 5 stars. Follow statistics regarding the performance.

  • GDPR support
    GDPR support

    Use our helpers to implement GDPR compliance requirements by using an easy setup. It includes such features as sending transcripts, destroying chat history, or showing GDPR compliance agreements.

  • Mobile friendly
    Mobile friendly

    Mobile-friendly widget interface for website visitors. Make sure you don't lose leads on mobile.

  • White label

    Shape all your live chat widget user journeys in your own way. We support subscription plans that allow you to omit SignalZen branding.

  • Files transfer
    Files transfer

    Site visitors and chat operators can securely exchange files in real time. Slack support for files is present as well!

  • Screenshot capturing
    Screenshot capturing

    Make the communication with users easier by allowing them to send screenshots.

  • Emoji

    All chat participants can express themselves with emojis 😇

  • Statistics

    See your conversation statistics in real-time with conversations quantitative and qualitative metrics visuals for your Customer Support team improvements.

  • Participant status
    Participant status

    See when operators or visitors are online. Use together with your operator online hours configuration via Console.

  • Customized visitor data
    Customised visitor data

    Customize the widget code snippet. Add any data from your website and make it visible to chat operators for enhanced context.

  • Offline notifications
    Offline notifications

    Operators and visitors are optionally notified about new messages by email, when offline. Configure your operators and your visitors' notifications timing.

  • Captcha
    CAPTCHA support

    Omit Live Chat robots that spam your inbox. Enable the CAPTCHA verification screen for your widget with one click.

  • Transcription

    Enable your customers to download transcripts of their chats. Send transcripts from the Console to your colleagues by email.

  • Anti virus scan for attachments
    Attachment Virus Scan

    Make sure your Customer Support team is safe. We will scan each attachment with Anti Virus software before you can see it.

  • API

    Use our JS and RESTful APIs to configure, capture the widget events, retrieve existing live chat visitors and full conversations data.

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