Slack and convenient integration with your Live Chat implementation

published on 22 May 2022

What is Slack?

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Slack is commonly a SLACKER and some say that the name of the platform was derived from a SLACKER. This is rather obvious because this software is very user-friendly and so intuitive to use that you will have way more time for a coffee break guaranteed.

On a serious note – what is Slack?

To be very precise and abstract at the same time, it’s a Searchable Log of All Conversation & Knowledge Data.

To narrow it down – this is messaging platform for business. This platform makes it easier to catch anyone from inside and outside of the company and collaborate just like if you were talking face to face. It’s a gateway to being more connected, flexible, and inclusive whilst collaborating with your colleagues and customers. Exactly, Customers! This is our focus thus further we will explain why the integration of Slack into your Live Chat is so convenient.


The three pillars

As a company Slack claims the ceiling of its service is resting on main three pillars:

  • platform promises to its users that they will always remain connected;
  • access to information data they need is all inclusive;
  • service is very flexible.

CONNECTED - synchronized communication between Live Chat and Slack

This feature is very close to a moment of winning a gold medal.

Being connected means that the communication between integrated Slack and your Live Chat is performed in one software. No need to jump from one window to another to respond to your customers. Moving between platforms can affect your response time, cause inconveniences, and waste customers’ time. This combination creates a powerful tool by merging the two sides together and bringing your productivity to the next level.

Messages are exchanged in real-time; chat history can always be seen and is stored in both Live Chat Software and Slack. Connecting your organization's Live Chat account with a Slack workspace lets your agents chat from either software. Whatever happens, is reflected on both platforms.

INCLUSIVE – there are more possibilities

At SignalZen we also include other possibilities to connect to your Live Chat with Slack integration. This means you can stay tuned even when being away from your desk. Connect to your Live Chat via mobile app or a special SignalZen Console and you are good to go, on the go! This gives you more freedom to move away from your usual workspace and yet still stay alert and tuned if help is required.

FLEXIBLE – all you need is within arm’s reach

The integration of Slack to your Live Chat enables you to collaborate with the person on the other side, quickly, efficiently, and with fine detail.

How does it work? The information you need is always by your side.

Imagine that you got a question and you can't answer it properly. If you were in the office, you could turn your seat, tap your colleague’s shoulder, and ask for help, but you are out of the office today. The integration allows you to create a real-time channel connection with a colleague or project team of your choice to seek assistance. This feature lets you have a short consultation meeting and find out the answer you need before you get back to the client with the result.


Finally - All you need is Slack!

Honestly. We are not mimicking the words of a famous song.

Slack provides all features you need in one platform; it's unified and no user needs to waste time on content switching – all information is right at their fingertips.

It's secure and efficient: you get instant notifications about incoming chats. Furthermore, you can arrange real-time meetings with your colleagues before answering customers if in doubt about your final answer.

Being able to connect in three different ways provides you with more certainty and flexibility in your workspace.

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