Thinking of adding a Live Chat to your website? Read this first.

published on 22 May 2022


Perhaps you own a website and offer services there like selling products no matter what kind of, or, maybe it is a representational website. If you are a marketing agent and perhaps you’re just a business owner keen on talking with your visitors in real-time and generating leads, then this blog post is for you.

Nowadays, there are tons of live chat solutions, some of them offer a chatbot experience but that’s a topic for another publication. The complexity of the majority of solutions is getting higher as the industry is getting more and more technologically advanced faster each day. This blog post is about SignalZen’s mission in the Customer Support industry and how we see what is happening in the market at the moment.

Technology and common sense

Everyone knows that technology is evolving very fast these days in every industry. The same can say about Customer Support service tools. However, it comes with a cost for business owners: you need to stay on that technology advancement edge, constantly learn, observe and adjust your work towards reaching your business goals by using the right tools. Maybe you noticed that the toolkit of your business is growing, or, according to various sources, should grow. The toolkit may consist of various external services and their features for which you usually have to pay at some point. It’s all good and technology in various aspects should drive your business to a better future.

A lot of services in the Customer Support industry are full of excellent products with features that are sophisticated, and integrational and that’s fine. We can see companies that created these tools are booming in terms of sales and creating more and more sophisticated features to sell to their clients. But there is another side to this technological buzz. At this point, we need to start using common sense. There are 4 factors and some questions for you to consider when deciding which live chat software to use:

1. Your time

If you want to reach a simple goal of making your website running with a live chat, how much time are you willing to invest in order to reach that? How much time are you willing to spend in the investigations of how certain features are working? How much time are you willing to invest in making proper integrations with your website for each of those features?

2. Your cash

How much you can pay for live chat service features? How much are you willing to spend in order to have access to features that you are not going to use?

3. Your satisfaction in working with it

How much complexity in managing live chat can you afford to be happy in doing your job? How many features do you want to be aware of and handle so that it would bring real value to your business?

4. Your customer’s satisfaction

How much do you want your clients to be distracted from their initial goal of communication by the features that they are not interested in? How much are you willing to pay in order to remove ads and make your live chat simply transparent in your website’s UI?

SignalZen mission

Alright, it’s time to do a proper introduction of who we are in the market and find out whether you find us interesting in reaching your initial goal — to have a Customer Support channel on your website.

First of all, in this context of current market competition and direction, it’s hard to introduce something new and “better”. Some people ask, what are the features that make you different from others in the market?

It’s a pretty straightforward question from people who don’t understand the current market of live chat software. There are so much competition and the same features in the market, that to create something unique in terms of technology, well, simply impossible.

Our mission is very simple: create a solution that is simple, should always stay simple and not distracting from working with your customers, and clients who want to reach your business in a simple way.

Kristijonas Urbaitis, founder of

Now, there are features that every live chat software should have, and so we have. But we’re not aiming to deliver so many features, that you could see a big list of them and use in reality maybe just 5. We examine our clients needs and drive the product in the direction which wouldn’t harm the mission — to stay as simple and neat as possible. We want to save your time, money, and energy.

Final note

It’s easy to fall into traps of products that are excessive in terms of feature access. You have to pay for a product owner’s desire to make his product “big”. Some of this post’s readers might find it not referring to the problems that bigger businesses have and, we agree, that they probably need all those features, complexity, an enormous amount of integrations, and so on. But my initial suggestion is to understand what you actually need and if you need just a simple live chat channel on your website — we, here at with a Free Trial plan, are ready to help in making that happen.

Happy chatting!

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