The Saved Replies feature guide

published on 22 May 2022

Making your chatting faster with Saved Replies

It's often a situation when during conversations with your leads, prospects, or clients, you come up to a point where giving a pre-defined answer helps to save time.

This is why SignalZen created a feature that is open for Pro plan clients. The feature is very handy if you have to deal with a relatively high number of chats.
By using Saved Replies, you can save replies via Console and re-use them with a few clicks via Console or from Slack when you need them in your desired chat.

How to create, edit, or destroy Saved Replies?

After you log in to SignalZen Console, you'd click the link from the left menu called Saved Replies. Once you enter, you'd need to create your first Saved Reply.

Click the button "New Saved Reply" and you will see a form with 2 fields: Title and Message.
The title field is a reference for you, how you would like to name this saved reply. Also, the title is used to automatically generate a shortcut that later you will use from Slack to trigger that saved reply to be sent to your desired chats.
The message field is for entering your desired text which will be sent to your visitor(s) once you trigger it.


Once you have some saved replies, after navigating back to Saved Replies page, you should see the list of them.


Please pay attention to available options at each row of your Saved Replies. You can see and use options of Edit and Delete.

The Shortcut column indicates your saved reply trigger shortcut that you must use when you want to reply via Slack.
The Messages Count column indicates how many times the saved reply has been used via Console or from Slack.

How to trigger a Saved Reply via Console?

Each your Chat page contains an icon close to the message text. See the picture below, please.


Once you click the button, you should be prompted with the list of your Saved Replies to choose from. Click on the desired one and your Saved Reply text will get into the text box.
You are allowed to make any change to the text in case you need that. After that, you can send the message as always.

How to trigger a Saved Reply from Slack?

Triggering from Slack is based on the commands that you can use in each chat thread or channel, depending on your Slack integration type.

If you have a Still integration type and you talk to your clients via Slack threads, you need to use a command by calling SignalZen bot name.
Open your chat thread and type @SignalZen reply <your-saved-reply-shortcut>. For example: @SignalZen reply testing-123.

If you have a Noisy integration type and you talk to your clients via Slack channels, you need to use a command by calling the SignalZen App command.
Open your chat channel and type /signalzen reply <your-saved-reply-shortcut>. For example: /signalzen reply testing-123.

Additional Slack command

In case you want to view your created Saved Replies, you can do that via /signalzen list-saved-replies <page-number> command. For example: /signalzen list-saved-replies 1.

Final word

Saved Replies should make chatting with your clients or prospects easier if you get a considerable amount of chats. Don't miss the opportunity to automate and make your operators' life easier!

Happy and efficient chatting!

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