Tutorial on ChatGPT chatbot integration and using

published on 22 August 2023


In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance customer experiences while optimizing operational efficiency. One remarkable solution that has emerged to address this challenge is the integration of ChatGPT chatbots into customer support strategies. These advanced AI-powered assistants are transforming the customer support landscape by not only providing timely assistance but also significantly reducing costs. In this article, we'll explore how SignalZen's ChatGPT chatbot is reshaping customer support paradigms, making the process easier than ever, and yielding substantial cost savings for businesses.

Also, you will see how it is easy to setup your chat bot here at SignalZen and use it.

Traditional Customer Support vs. ChatGPT Chatbots

Traditional customer support methods often involve a large workforce dedicated to answering customer queries, addressing concerns, and troubleshooting issues. This approach can be resource-intensive, requiring substantial investments in recruitment, training, and infrastructure. Moreover, the round-the-clock nature of customer inquiries further escalates costs. This is where ChatGPT chatbots step in as game-changers.

However, never forget that jumping into a conversation that is in process by a real human being is much more better strategy because you are working with people who expect human touch to their problems, concerns and other issues.

The Ease of Implementing ChatGPT Chatbots

One of the standout advantages of integrating ChatGPT chatbots into customer support is the ease of implementation. Unlike complex software overhauls or lengthy training sessions, setting up these chatbots is remarkably straightforward. Businesses can seamlessly integrate them into their existing platforms, whether it's a website, mobile app, or social media page. The intuitive nature of ChatGPT's interface requires minimal technical expertise, enabling companies to get up and running in no time.

SignalZen does it almost all for you. By using a simple integration wizard and having OpenAI API access token, you're ready to complete the integration. You can decide when the ChatGPT Copilot needs to work or do that per chat basis yourself from Slack, MS Teams or other interfaces that SignalZen offers.

Step #1

Sign up at SignalZen and make sure you follow the "Live Chat" integration wizard. You can find it by navigating from the left side menu "Integrations" -> "Live Chat Integration".

Sign up at SignalZen
Sign up at SignalZen

Step #2

Once done with the Live Chat widget integration, please use another wizard called "Copilot (ChatGPT) Integration" wizard (left side menu too).

By following the steps in the integration wizard, you will be asked your OpenAI API secret access key, so that SignalZen could use the ChatGPT technology on behalf of your account at OpenAI. Please note that for this usage, you will be billed by OpenAI separately from SignalZen billing plan. SignalZen makes sure that your costs are minimised according all the best practices that OpenAI offers.

Copilot integration wizard
Copilot integration wizard

Step #3

Open up your Live Chat widget on your website and try to play by messaging some of questions that should be answered by the information that has been scanned during the Copilot integration wizard.

You will see that your Chatbot or in other words Copilot can answer questions based on your knowledge base or manually entered information.

Please be aware, that the Copilot works in any language that is used to send a question.

Live Chat widget with Copilot responding
Live Chat widget with Copilot responding

Configuration options and usage

When you are going through the steps of integrating Copilot to your Live Chat widget, you will be asked when do you want your Copilot to activate for the chat. There are 3 options:

  1. When operators are offline - this will make sure that your operators are responsible to answer during working hours and other than that, the Copilot will try to help for your visitors of your website.
  2. Always - you can use Copilot always be default and intervene yourself if you see that your visitor doesn't get answers that Copilot is capable to answer. You can do that from Slack, MS Teams, Console or mobile apps.
  3. Never turn on automatically - this means that Copilot is turned off but you can enable Copilot per chat basis if you wish so. There might be situations when you decide that your visitor is looking for basic information and the Copilot should be able to answer that. In this case, you can just turn it on for the chat.

Also, you will be asked to enter your company name and its description so that the Copilot could feel more like an employee of your company.

Copilot knowledge base scanning

During the integration wizard, you can add your website or knowledge base URLs so that SignalZen HTTP crawler could scan pages and read information that will be used by ChatGPT as the basis for answering questions. Also, you will have option to provide plain text pages of data that contains any of additional information that you want Copilot to consider.

At any point, you can edit the scanned/added information and enrich your Copilot knowledge for answering more questions and in a better quality.

There are limitations per each plan how much pages you can scan.

For instance, Basic plan allows to scan/add automatically up to 100 pages. See the Pricing section for more information.

Scanned resources for Copilot (ChatGPT)
Scanned resources for Copilot (ChatGPT)

Final words

ChatGPT revolutionised the way of Customer Support is provided. Less human interaction, saved costs and better efficiency. It's up to each team how to handle Customer Support but this is a great tool for cutting some time and efforts for those who want to ensure 24/7 availability.

We truly recommend testing this feature out and see if it can save your time. Also, please remember, the better quality information you add for the Copilot, the better quality answers it can provide.

Happy chatting!

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