The value of Slack Live Chat offered by SignalZen

published on 21 May 2022


You think all Slack Live Chat providers give you the same Live Chat service? Not really! We would like to share some advantages that SignalZen offers to its clients.

Famous Thailand catchphrase says "Same, same but different". We shall elaborate more how this relates here for you as a customer. When choosing a Live Chat partner, it seems they offer the same service, let’s zoom in on that, despite the price, there are significant differences in various categories, e.g., list of possible integrations, catalogue of features, customer service, feedback etc. Let’s run through the list of the most important values that SignalZen can give you!


Ease your communication – integrate Slack into website via SignalZen

We offer a unified software: Slack + Live Chat Software. A service platform, that includes both: comprehensive online communication with your office colleagues and your website visitors, i.e., potential customers. This means you don’t have to change the software, jump from one communication channel to another when chatting to them all. Everything is in one place. This will save work energy and time, increase productivity across the board for both agent and website visitor. Moreover, agents will be able to consult with one another before giving the answers to customers, in case if they not sure how to solve any given situation. Chat history is also available and very easy to find in both: Slack and Slack website integration. This union is main benefit and reason why it’s worth choosing Slack Live Chat instead of any other.

Now we will review more specific features that can be obtained with SignalZen.

All fancy Live Chat software attributes

Slack has a lot of features, but not all of them are available with every provider who propose Live Chat Software.

SignalZen Slack Live Chat service allows you to style the appearance of your widget. Customizations like color, position on the window, white label widget and many more are available.

Main subject here is communication, so we believe it’s crucial to understand the person on the other side fluently. Even if the customer is speaking foreign language that none of the agents know the two can interact because at SignalZen we offer a translation feature. The best option to translate is via our special Console that we will introduce shortly in the Console section.

Now, integrate Slack into website and make trigger messages pop out when the visitor turns up. Text messages, screen shots or other files can also be sent if needed. Once the conversation is ended, chat transcripts and rating requests are available. To ease agents´ work we also offer a form of prerequisites, metadata and saved replies to most common questions form. After the conversation ends, the agent can close the chat.

Just in case customer is from a different time zone and due to which agents are unable to reply at this precise time, the visitor will receive a confirmation, apology messages and information that the agents will definitely contact him/her via the email.

We understand the importance of personal data and we are fully GDPR compliant. In case if the customer wants to erase the chat and his personal data, he has a right to and is able to do so. It’s easy and convenient.

For more convenience at SignalZen we offer two ways of Slack website integration that allows the agents to chat via threads (Still version) or channels (Noisy version). They are both there and are optional: try one or the other, choose yours!

These are only a few attributes we’ve mentioned, but we can assure you – there are many more convenient features for you to fully attend your customers and turn them into loyal buyers.

The Console and mobile apps

Besides the main way to connect to your Slack Live Chat at SignalZen we offer two additional options: the Console or mobile app.

Mobile app lets your agents to respond from any place with internet connection. But there’s something more! Even a very experienced agent can get into unfamiliar situation. If the agent doesn’t know the answer and there’s no one to consult at the office, he can arrange a short discussion with his colleagues via Slack even if they are far away and get back to the customer in no time.

Special SignalZen Console is yet another valuable option to connect to your Live Chat that for some can be found more comfortable than the main source. Remember, we talked about the translation service for the chat box? The most appropriate way to do it is this - via SignalZen Console!

Try it and discover the most comfortable environment for you and your customers to interact.

Highly customized live chat software

Neither all people nor equipment can make a perfect match. Websites are created differently and not all systems collaborate with each other. Nevertheless, SignalZen is compatible with all main systems and programming languages: HTML, Java Script integration, Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Zapier. Need any other? Just let us know.

We care about the feedback

Indeed, we do! Remember, our offer and possibility to stay constantly connected with your customers and we would like to do the same with you.

Our promise – client goes first!

Try SignalZen, integrate Slack into your website and let us know if you are satisfied, what are the challenges you facing. We will answer your questions, guarantee fast troubleshooting and appreciate constructive feedback. Let’s work and improve as a team.

Want to save?

Choose SignaZen and you will save not only money. Ok, money also - our prices are very competitive. Actually, at the moment SignalZen service is way cheaper than most of the providers can offer. No, that doesn’t mean we offer you less for your cash. We offer both money and time saving, comfortable, easily implementable communication system that boosts your productivity, professionalism and business image.

Indeed, with SignalZen it’s easy to enter a state of zen. We put an extra mile and effort to work on your communication challenges with customers and reduce stress, complete the job quicker and get more satisfaction guarantee. Relax with SignalZen effortless communication tools.

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