All you need to know about your GDPR and SignalZen

published on 21 May 2022


With this publication we confirm that Slack Live Chat Integration via SignalZen is fully GDPR compliant and furthermore explain how to enable all relevant features.

General Data Protection Regulation, mostly known as GDPR among folks, came in force in the middle of 2018 across the European Union countries. First rumors were spread that something big is coming and has caused a lot of mystified confusion and misunderstanding on how companies should apply the law to their business. It was a monstrous document containing hundreds of pages of explanations.

Authorities responsible for this set of regulations assured – it's the toughest personal data protection law all over the world, that's based on European Convention of Human Rights, 1950 edition. That's why it brought in some confusion and concerns amongst many companies that held and used personal data for both marketing and sales purposes. E.g., if a company "ABCX" organizes language courses it needs to know certain data about its students. This meant the GDPR is applicable to "ABCX" and the company needs to handle personal data according to the new law.

Moreover, if your company operates outside of EU but might have consumers that are citizens or residents of the EU then law is fully applicable to your company. That's why it is so important to be familiar with GDPR and be aware of the most important regulations.

Furthermore more, please, beware this is not a trifle – for those who might decide to take a risk and do not apply the law, penalties reaching tens of millions of euros can be applied.

How does GDPR correlate with Slack Live Chat Integration?

Well, first thing first, what is a personal data according to mighty GDPR? The answer is generic and quite broad – personal data includes any data you have about any EU citizen or resident. And we mean it, any! So, to be very precise, personal data is any kind of information that might identify an individual directly or indirectly. This can be name & surname, email address, telephone number, location information, ethnicity, gender, biometric data, religious beliefs, web cookies, political opinions, pseudonymous data, ID, etc.

Another important point – any client or consumer should be able to access all the information data collected about her/him by each company. Think about how many of those you've collected when someone contacted you via Live Chat? It is mostly related to Prerequisites Form, we guess.

So, we claim that here at SignalZen we are fully compliant with GDPR, and we highly recommend our clients to apply the law to their business as well as to their consumers.

Hereinafter, we will explain how to prepare Slack Website Integration features via SignalZen Console for your company to meet the current law requirements and how to collapse your company website data.

The Golden Rule

This paragraph is very short, but deserves to be emphasized.

The most important rule of the game – do not collect any personal data that is not directly necessary to answer the question or to solve the situation and do not hold it for more time that the task requires. Otherwise, it gets complicated, and you need to invest more energy to align with the law.

Let the customer know you're collecting his data

From the beginning.

Firstly, the customer should be informed about type of data you are looking to collect about her/him and what is the reason behind it. In case if you use her/his personal data for marketing reasons, the customer must have a clear option to indicate acceptance and agree to your terms of purpose. Here is how you can do it.


When you already find yourself on SignaZen GDPR compliance section, scroll down and you'll see all the options that can be enabled. First of all – turn on the option for visitors to accept your GDPR policy.


Obtaining and erasing the data

Secondly, be aware that your clients should have a possibility to obtain any information you hold about them and fully destroy it. This can be activated by enabling the options of sending chat transcript to their email and delete all conversation made via Slack Live Chat integration.

You can enable this feature via SignalZen console and here's how it works.


Personal Message and Link

When all the options are enabled, leave a prompt message to your visitors. This message can include both text and a link to your website where a visitor can find the full GDPR compliance text and declare his agreement if needed.


When all is set do not forget to SAVE it.


Anything to add?

Yes! Quick reminder that all GDPR policies shown to your visitors should be entered for each language that you add to the language section. So if you have the French language like this:


Please don't forget to provide translation of the GDPR message by being at Settings, GDPR section.


Finally, have a glance what it looks like in a showcase.


Your company's data management

In the beginning, we claimed that we do apply GDPR regulations for our clients as well. What's the use of claiming without any examples? Here you go – you are able to destroy all the data from the website if you choose to close the account. You might have several websites, be sure to choose the one you want to eliminate and follow the examples below.


Beware, the data won't collapse immediately. There's a delay of 7 days that we believe is necessary to suspend before a total data apocalypse as a precaution. Just in case If you change your mind within 7 days you can cancel the required data collapse and reinstate. When the deadline expires there's no going back, the data can't be recovered.

After your websites are destroyed, you can also easily destroy your profile data. 7 days delay is valid as well.


Final word

Note that personal data is personal, which means nobody can appropriate or borrow it without asking a permission. At SignalZen we absolutely respect our clients' privacy regarding any kind information and personal data we collect on our website and kindly invite you to read our privacy policy. We assure you that your data is safe with us and invite you to make an effort and guarantee information security for your customers.

In case if any queries left, please, reach us out via SignalZen Live Chat!

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