What is In-app mobile live chat?

published on 20 April 2024

Introduction to In-App Mobile Live Chat Support

In a nutshell, In-App Mobile live chat support is a way of providing your mobile app users with customer support without them leaving the app. The "without leaving the app" is the key here.

The expectations of your mobile app users are getting higher and higher with time. The User Experience (UX) must be polished, consistent, and well understandable for users to stay with your product. In-app live chat helps to reach those expectations by omitting the fact that to get support, users should leave your app. They might leave the app to write an email to the support mailbox, make a call, or simply text a message.

However, having the in-app live chat, your users can feel more confident that their worries can be addressed and that you care about that. In-app live chat implies that there is a standard way to solve troubles and leaves less space for hesitation about where to get the support needed. This point is very important.

Mobile user holding a phone
Mobile user holding a phone


Let's look into the major benefits of Live Chat inside your mobile app.

Competitive Advantage: Offering in-app mobile live chat support sets businesses apart from competitors who may rely solely on traditional support channels. It demonstrates a commitment to customer service and responsiveness, which can be a significant competitive advantage in today's market.

Convenience for Customers: In-app mobile live chat support allows customers to seek assistance without leaving the app they're using. This convenience increases customer satisfaction and encourages them to continue using the app.

Other benefits of having a general Live Chat solution include such benefits as real-time communication, enhanced sales and conversions, 24/7 availability and so on.


All SignalZen's live chat features are available on the mobile app live chat version. However, some of those won't have any point due to the nature of the solution.

One important thing to mention is that the chat history stays for an unlimited amount of time on mobile devices. Users can view the chat history at any point of time and act according to resolutions. If users switch devices, the chat history will be per device.

User experience

As was outlined in the benefits section, your mobile app with live chat inside of it will create a better user experience. There is no doubt that an app that has everything inside for solving problems is better than the one that you need to leave to complete certain activities.

SignalZen's mobile solution embeds a live chat widget in the full screen of your desired webview on the mobile app. This means that the screen with live chat can have any of your native mobile app controls. Those controls might give possibility to leave the live chat screen or switch to another screen of your mobile app.

As you might know, the live chat widget can be styled in any possible UI layer and there are no limitations for applying your branding. This is extremely important since you will want your live chat experience to look the same style as your other mobile app's screens.


Different vendors have different approaches for the same goal - to expose a live chat into your mobile app. Most of the vendors use a simple web page with full screen live chat exposing solution. SignalZen uses this solution too.

In order to have a live chat box on your desired screen on a mobile app, you will have to embed SignalZen's given mobile URL which includes your public token issued from SignalZen. Once you do that, you can add a footer or header with your native mobile app controls. Those controls might give your users the ability to navigate from live chat to other screens for example.

SignalZen doesn't have its own SDK for mobile apps yet, but once you sign up at SignalZen, you will see a mobile app integration wizard. The wizard will walk you through the steps you need to take to make the integration happen.


An in-app mobile live chat support screen will benefit your mobile app, brand, and trust credit from your users. A lot of mobile app creators haven't realized that yet, so hurry up to get this competitive advantage.

SignalZen has a solution for in-app mobile live chat. It's a great deal for those who are looking for a simple, easy to use, easy to integrate and well tested solution.

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