The guide of choosing live chat software provider with Slack integration


This text introduces the differences, advantages and disadvantages of live chat software with Slack integration that provide SignalZen, Chatlio and Social Intents.

Choosing between an apple and a pear is a child's play, but when we must pick a brownie or a chocolate cake – that becomes a bit more challenging. The next level up is color of your new car – Jet Black Metallic or Volcano grey Metallic? Let's be honest - deciding between two seemingly good options is not exactly a walk in the park. Especially when your boss is breathing down your neck asking for the best option of a live chat software provider with Slack integration.

What to do? Find a proper comparison that doesn’t fit with the expression the more the better but points out the tools and features that meet rationality and functionality. And here goes one!

Choosing Slack Live Chat provider

Apples vs Apples

We pulled two competitors out of the hat that offer chat software with Slack integration and are very close to our service and implementation quality level - Chatlio and Social Intents. Social Intents here and on for everyone’s convenience will be replaced with acronym "SI". There will be no small print, we put all cards on the table and reveal some tricky similarities and differences.

A small remark before we start: while Chatlio and SI are ancient members of the market, SignalZen is an energetic, moving forward and resolute startup that is about to make full appearance across the threshold.
Let's get going with our comparison.

Pricing of Slack Live Chat providers


SignalZen and Chatlio offer a four-week free trial. SI for the time being chosen to give two weeks trial only. During the trial, SignalZen offers three different operators, widget, subdomain and up to fifty chats. What happens after trial period? With Chatlio or SI you would have started using a monthly plan for $29 that includes only two operators and the same quantity of widgets. There's a slight difference in subdomains and chats category – for $29 SI offers one domain, one hundred and fifty chats and Chatlio gives you unlimited subdomains & two hundred chats.

Next level upgrade to the Basic plan will cost you $49 monthly at SI and Chatlio, but SignalZen offers you the Basic for $25, i.e., almost 50 percent saving. At this point you ask yourself, what's the catch and what am I getting for my money?

There's no trick, we simply know that small businesses not require that many items so be it all inclusive, therefore we don’t offer too many extras to magnify the price.

Let’s do the math: five operators, widget WITHOUT ADS, one subdomain, auto messages, pre-chat form and UNLIMITED CHATS = $25.

Our competitors offer unlimited operators’ function for $49 Basic plan, but chat number is limited to one thousand. SI for this price adds you two widgets and two domains while Chatlio thinks one widget is enough but opens the gate to unlimited domains. The difference between all three competitors lies in the section of triggers, auto-messages and reply shortcuts. Every company has developed this section in a different manner, but all three discussed offer a possibility in a certain level to automize the conversation.

Let's jump quickly to Pro plan where SignalZen offers unlimited operators, unlimited chats, ten widgets without ads, ten subdomains, auto-messages, pre-chat form and adds a tool of saved replies for $35. Our competitors rise their price to $99, significantly drop the quantity of widgets and put the limit of three thousand chats. SI here adds a version of Chatbot that allows to make a flow of predefined of Q & A.

To finish – SignalZen Business plan costs a a few dollars more than the Basic from SI and Chatlio – $55 to be exact! The most common word in the description of this plan is UNLIMITED: operators, widgets, subdomains, chats + every tool from Pro plan. And what's the price for SI and Chatlio Business plan - you'd ask. $199 for unlimited operators & domains, five to twelve widgets, five thousand to six thousand chats.

We compare, you decide, but cost benefits are obvious.

Integrations of Slack Live Chat providers


It would be fair to dive deeper and investigate possible integrations that offer all above analyzed providers.

Remember at this point SignalZen is a newbie in market. Nevertheless, our service is compatible with all main systems – Slack, Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla & Zapier. Shopify and Wix are on the list i.e., coming soon.

Well begun is half done, isn't it?

Now, let's divert to our colleagues. SI is proud to include to SignalZen integration list MS Teams, Dialog Flow, BigCommerce, but eliminates Drupal and Joomla. Chatlio has most enriched list of platforms including all mentioned above and includes all and appends even more including Squarespace, Tumbrl, Weebly and Segment.

But wait, why choose us? Here's the benefit. We can offer you a 2-type integration: Still that enables the user to chat via threads and Noisy that allows him to do it through channels. Clients may try both and chose the right one to suit their needs. This is a significant advantage, because our colleagues can only offer you the Noisy version.

Features of Slack Live Chat providers


Let's go through the main features that all players can offer.

One that all three of us can proudly deliver is definitely – Slack commands. It can't be other way around – we are talking about competitors that use Slack integration.

Next in line Styled widgets with multiple layouts. Yes, SignalZen and Chatlio is more open when it comes to personalized appearance of the widget – you can choose a color, position on the window and customize other traits. SI do not make much effort in letting you personalize much of the environment, but there are some things you can do, e.g., configurate the widget behavior (enable/disable features) or customize text on the widget.

Now communication, let's go through the process. When visitor opens the website, pop up is auto triggered to catch the eye, this function is available with SignalZen, Chatlio and SI.

Screenshot sending is a different story; only SignalZen and Chatlio enables this action as well as the file attachment. For the convenience of all interacting parts SignalZen offers and advanced build of form for prerequisites while Chatlio gives only a prompt email and name registration form. Chatlio also offers you a reminder for every 30 secs. if nobody has replied to the question this can be really irritating at times.

Conversation transcript is possible if your provider is either SignalZen or Chatlio.

When the conversation is over Chatlio and SignalZen systems allows you to close it, Chatlio is one step ahead – once a chat is closed, the rating request is given for a visitor.

Metadata defining in the code to pass to operators by visitors is available with SignalZen and Chatlio, but not supported by SI.

Working hours can be set on SignalZen and Chatlio – visitor can send a message out of hours, but he'll get an auto-answer that the agent replies during specified times only. Meanwhile, SI offers to hide a chat button when the operator is not available.

Translation to other languages is available on SignalZen and Chatlio, but activation way is different on each platform. SignalZen makes it easier via Console, Chatlio makes translations available just via JS API. SI speaks one language.

SignalZen enables saved reply template suggestion and shortcut via command, Chatlio has the same function and adds question groups that are triggered with multiple conditions at certain times or saved replies via Slack button with dropdown. Here SI presents a DialogFlow configuration which then enables another category of conversation – ChatBot.

As far as you can notice features category is way more developed by SignalZen and Chaltio. Nevertheless, SI offers you other apps/widgets, e.g., a mailer app which is kind of unique in our comparison.

Advantages and Disadvantages of SignalZen

Advantages and Disadvantages of SignalZen

The biggest advantages of SignalZen are:

And some little disadvantages that we are resolving so fast that you will never know they were there:

  • Less integration diversity than competition;
  • Some features are still working on a basic level;

Chatlio can offer you only Slack oriented service, a big set of features and awesome designs, but it doesn’t have a mobile app and offers only new channels route for working with chats - all of this comes at high price.

SI design and administration parts are rather outdated, feature set is very limited, no mobile app, but broader range of marketing services, e.g., a mailer, as previously mentioned and a support for MS Teams like for Slack. And again, all this for a very high price.

Any questions? Shoot us a message!