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updated on 17 April 2024


Live Chat software security is one of the topics that every Customer Support manager must cover. Even a small mistake can expose your company's sensitive data to hackers or their networks.

This blog post explains the most common live chat security issues and how SignalZen helps to solve them.

Associative hacker photo
Associative hacker photo

DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks overload systems and prevent some or all legitimate requests from being fulfilled. That is spamming actions performed by hackers who want to flood your Live Chat provider with fake requests.

As a SaaS provider, SignalZen has technical capabilities to ensure that this kind of action can't work out. Well, at least not at a high scale. There is still a probability that up to a certain level, you could receive spam or receive it from time to time.

For totally omitting any automatic spam activity on your Live Chat account, we recommend enabling the CAPTCHA feature. You can do that by logging in to the Console and visiting "Live Chat widget" -> "Widget Settings" configuration page.

The CAPTCHA feature before sending the first message to Live Chat, will ask your visitor to confirm that he/she is not a robot. The validation works based on the standard user experience and tooling outsourced by Google.

Data Encryption

SignalZen encrypts all sensitive data that comes in. This means that hackers having such database access couldn't read any information.

We encrypt all connections among our services. Also, we secured any interaction with the platform by using HTTPS protocol only which is much harder to hijack.


Live Chat software which works on the SaaS principle requires user authentication. This is where we have 3 types of authentication available.

The 1st type is credentials-based (email/password). We verify email when creating an account or changing the email. Password change is available only when users enter their current passwords.

The 2nd type is Slack SSO which is a very handy way of authentication for those who use Slack integration. By using your Slack account, you can sign in to SignalZen and forget to manage your password.

The 3rd way is Microsoft SSO which works in the same way as Slack. It is secure even more because usually logging in to Microsoft requires using 2FA.

Compliance with GDPR

SignalZen is fully compliant with GDPR and enables clients to stay compliant as well. That means, we deal with customer data as a Data Controller and help you to deal with your user data as well.

Your Live Chat widget issued by SignalZen will have all the features required for GDPR. You will have just to enable them by using the Console.

Please read more about this here.

Secure file sharing

At SignalZen, we ensure Live Chat security when sharing any files real-time. We store uploaded files on S3 bucket that access ensured by AWS (S3). This is one of the most secure standard in the technology world to store files.

Also, before uploading the files for storage and access, we scan them with Anti Virus software. This means that no insecure files can go through the platform. This is very important if you have less tech-savvy agents operating on the platform. Any downloading and opening malicious files by agents can turn into exposing controls or data of your internal systems.

Integrations security

It's worth mentioning, that Microsoft, Slack, Apple tested SignalZen before enabling us to publish integrations. This means that there was a significant amount of time spent for compliance with the platforms.

We wouldn't get approvals from these platforms that we integrate with if our security practices were wrong.

Vendors reputation

SignalZen uses widely known vendors that ensure top-level security standards. We use AWS (Amazon Web Services) and DigitalOcean. These vendors ensure high SLAs and enable us to use their secure toolkit.

We do database backups daily and we can recreate our infrastructure on any other provider within minutes. For that, we need only Kubernetes support.


We hope that this post will help you to understand how SignalZen catches up with the security standards. There is never enough security anywhere within the IT industry. But we must try!

We covered mostly all important Live Chat security issues that are important nowadays for any Live Chat software. Don't ignore these topics while choosing your Live Chat software provider.

If you have any questions regarding SignalZen, reach out to us by using the Live Chat widget on this page.

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