How to effectively communicate via Slack Live Chat and increase chat ratings

published on 21 May 2022


In this article we share some tips on how to make your Live Chat conversation experience as smooth as possible and increase your chat rating marks from customers.

We all know the world is "spinning" faster and faster each day. Almost any communication or marketing book published some 20 years ago contained a sentence similar to "there are thousands and thousands of messages attacking us every day". Sounds rather funny comparing to today's info flood, doesn't it? This abundance or should we say excess of information leads to a new movement called digital disconnection: as well as most of the phones, social media apps and other virtual interacting medias have a "do not disturb" function, behavioral specialists and other academics are proposing ways of disconnecting and concentrating on what one is doing.

Communication via Live Chat should be both convenient to the visitor and the agent. This leads us to a complete optimization and that is why question like "what is the color of your phone?" should be the last in your Chat Bot conversation. As a result of poor prioritizing, the visitor gets frustrated, and company's reputation can start developing low rating in one's mind. How to avoid it? Save visitor's time, their patience is vulnerable. We will explain below further how you can achieve that with Slack Live Chat integration on your website.


Chatbot vs Live Chat integration

Chat Bot – first in line and making significant difference, although it is very far ahead from its predecessors, it stays a machine that only follows the script. In the name of justice, we should say that there are some chatbots that already use AI in their systems. This leads to more precise and less time-consuming problem-solving solution. Otherwise, it's almost impossible to avoid repetitive questions and have a fluent conversation.

That's why we suggest integrating live chat into website where the biggest advantage is a personal touch, human attention and interaction where the possibility of repetitive, unnecessary questions can be eliminated almost to zero. Rest assured, there are some exceptions on case-by-case basis.

For starters, choose the right service provider who cares about time saving and gives you features that enable fluent personal interaction. Next, configure your Live Chat widget the way that allows your agents to respond and deal with quires with minimum effort putting emphasis on one-to-one conversation. There are multiple tools for that, and we will discuss around them further down the line of this blog post.

Live Chat from the beginning – use Prerequisites Form

We believe that Live Chat Software working within Slack is the best solution. Why? Here is the answer. The rest depends on you.

Let's go through the steps that customer must take. Remember your goal is to save their time. That's why we offer to use a direct thus informative Prerequisites Form. You are able to prepare individual questionnaire that is brief, straight to the point yet informative to the agents. What kind of data can be obtained when the visitor fills in the Prerequisites Form?

  • There's a Text Input option where a name, surname can be entered. Short questions that doesn't require full-scale explanations are also available at this level.
  • Most probably your agents would need visitor's email, so there's also a field for Email Input. This field requires a proper email format.
  • You can ask to explain the matter from the very beginning – Text Area Input allows to explain the issue within 400 symbols.
  • If you would like to provide a choice, use a Select Box. It's a drop-down like menu in case if you have more than one department that covers different areas.
  • Last one – Check Box. This could be used to mark something from prepopulated selection with a tick.

It's very important to mention that SignalZen provides a multi-lingual feature that enables a Prerequisite Form to adjust automatically to visitor's mother tongue.

Saved Replies makes it faster!

Short reminder – time is scarce, we set out to save some for everyone thus we propose another tool. Embed Slack into website and fill in Saved Replies configuration.

We all know – if the question is repetitive, it's an indicator that something could be improved. What if you just don’t have the time to fill in your shortcuts and use Saved Replies feature? Well, it takes time for an agent to type the answer and your visitors would agree that waiting for more than a minute to answer causes their impatience and inconvenience.

Superficially, this could look like a Chatbot function, but it's NOT. Saved answers are managed by an agent and this assures a proper answer that doesn’t cause confusion and repetitive situations. Please read more at out dedicated blog post for it here.

Automate and make everyone's life easier!

Let's dive deeper and dig into Metadata

This feature is useful for your registered visitors. It provides extra information that can facilitate the process. How does it work?

Imagine that you have a frequent registered customer in your database. They have quite a long browsing and shopping history. When customer signs in to their account on your website, the agent can see their history. In some cases, it might be very useful and the most important – less time consuming which is our goal!

Integration with this feature requires some technical efforts but it pays off substantially. You can read about that more in our Docs.

Ready for the Chat Rating Request?

Find out more about the benefits that you can get by using SignalZen Rating Request feature here.

Be wise, all your customers want is a quick solution. Otherwise, he would choose digging into your FAQ section or browsing online forums, therefore:

  • don't keep them waiting
  • be precise
  • ask for feedback and improve.

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